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40 Advance Modules

1. Basics Of Marketing
  1. What is Marketing?
  2. Types of Marketing
  3.  How Marketing Starts?
  4. Marketing KPI
  5. 4 P’s of Marketing
2. Intro To Digital Marketing
  1. Digital & Traditional Marketing
  2. Reasons of Transformation
  3. Benefits and Fundamentals
  4. Competitor Analysis
3. Domain & Server
  1. Domain Names and Extensions
  2. What are Web Servers and Web Hosting
  3. Types of Server
  4. Types of Domain
  5. Ways to Buy Domain & Server
  6. Book a domain
  7. Book hosting
  8. Adding DNS
  9. Installing SSL
4. Website Planning
  1. Understanding Website
  2. Different Types of Website
  3. Website Wireframe and Architecture
  4. Basics of Developing and Designing a Website
  5. Website Planning For SEO
  6. Usability & User Experience of a Website
  7. Why Responsive website?
  8. Landing Page Vs Website
5. Website Designing
  1. Intro To WordPress
  2. Installing WordPress on C-panel
  3. Setting & Customization
  4. Installing Website Builder
  5. Buying WordPress Theme
  6. Uploading & Importing Theme
  7. Web page Creation
  8. On-page Site
  9. Page Menu Setup
  10. Website Security
  11. Use of CSS & HTML
  12. Website Backup
  13. Website Deploying
6. Blogging like Pro
  1. Basics of Blogging
  2. What is Blogging?
  3. Why should we do Blogging?
  4. How to choose your Niche?
  5. Install blog WP on C-panel
  6. Blog Post Creation
  7. Tags and Featured Image
  8. Best WordPress Themes
  9. Setting up a Gravatar
  10. All other Important Settings
  11. Allowing comments
  12. Comment Moderation
7. Graphics Designing
  1. Social Media Post Designing
  2. Brochure Designing
  3. Flyer Designing
  4. Logo Designing
  5. Infographics Designing
  6. Visiting Card Designing
8. Content Marketing
  1. Intro to Content Marketing
  2. Objective of Content Marketing
  3. Content Marketing 7 Steps Strategy Building Process
  4. Types of Content
  5. How to Write Great Compelling Content?
  6. Keyword Research for Content Ideas
  7. Optimising Content for Search Engines
  8. How to Market Your Content
  9. Case Study on Content Marketing
9. Social Media Optimization
  1. Campaign Planning
  2. Social Media Audit
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Hash-Tag Finder
  5. Post Designing
  6. Competition Analysis
  7. Social Media Dimension
10. Facebook Marketing
  1. Facebook Marketing Strategy
  2. Orientation to Facebook Brand Pages
  3. Facebook Business Page Set-up
  4. Types of Facebook Business Pages
  5. Facebook: Post Types and its Dimensions
  6. Best Time to Post on Facebook
  7. Facebook Audience Insights & Analytics
  8. Facebook Competitor Analysis
  9. Facebook Groups
  10. Facebook Live
  11. Facebook Boost Post
  12. Facebook Insights
  13. Pixel Tracking
  14. Conversion Tracking
  15. Facebook Reporting
  16. Facebook Paid Advertising
  17. Pixel Tracking
  18. Conversion Tracking
  19. Lead Generation
11. Instagram Mastery
  1. What is Instagram?
  2. How to Use Instagram to get the Best Results?
  3. Creating an Instagram Account to Skyrocket Conversion
  4. Types of Instagram Account
  5. Instagram Stories
  6. Instagram Booster Strategy
  7. Successful Case Study on Instagram
  8. How to Make Money Through Instagram Marketing?
  9. Understanding how to achieve High User Engagement
  10. Optimising your Instagram profile
  11. Integrating Content Strategy with Instagram marketing
  12. Understanding paid advertising on Instagram
  13. Crack the Instagram Marketing Tactics for Brand Building
12. Twitter Marketing
  1. How Twitter works?
  2. Importance of Twitter
  3. How to use Twitter Effectively?
  4. Creating a Twitter Account
  5. What is a Tweet?
  6. How to Tweet?
  7. Re-tweets
  8. Hash-tags
  9. Twitter Paid Campaign
  10. Twitter Reporting
  11. What a Good Profile Looks like?
  12. Setting up your Profile
  13. Advanced Profile Optimization
  14. Composing A Tweet
  15. Using Hashtags
  16. Deleting, Pinning and Sharing Tweets
  17. Creating a list of Twitter Users
13. Social Media Automation
  1. What is Social Media Automation?
  2. Why Social Media Automation?
  3. Facebook Creator Studio
  4. Hoot-suite
  5. Social Media Account Setup with Tools
  6. Post creation & Promotion
14. LinkedIn Marketing
  1. Overview on LinkedIn
  2. Benefits of LinkedIn Network
  3. Create LinkedIn Profile
  4. Optimize LinkedIn Profile
  5. What kind of Profile Photo you should use?
  6. What kind of Background Image you should use?
  7. Create a Headline
  8. Craft an Amazing Summary for your LinkedIn
  9. Recommendations in LinkedIn
  10. Creating New Connections
  11. Posting Content in Profile
  12. LinkedIn Groups
  13. How to Create an Awesome Company Page?
  14. LinkedIn Page Postings
15. Chatbot Marketing
  1. What is a Chatbot?
  2. Why Do People Use Chatbots?
  3. Why Do Businesses Use Chatbots?
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages
  5. How Do Chatbots Work?
  6. Creating a Chatbot
  7. Steps to Building a Chatbot
  8. Installing Chatbot on Website
16. Affiliate Marketing
  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How to Apply for Affiliate Marketing Network?
  3. How Affiliate Marketing Works?
  4. Understanding the Dashboard
  5. How to Find Affiliate Niche?
  6. Promoting Affiliate Products
  7. Top Affiliate Marketing Networks
  8. Methods of Promotions
  9. Affiliate Marketing Reports and ROI
  10. Affiliate Marketing Payment Mode
  11. Best Resources for Affiliate Marketing
17. Google Adsense
  1. Inclusive preparation of Google Adsense
  2. Custom Channels
  3. Pay per click system
  4. Tracking profits online
  5. Types of Ads like text, image, etc.
  6. Assessing the Ad’s performance
  7. Customizing the Advertisements
  8. Effective Placement
  9. Allow or Block Unnecessary Advertisements
  10. Creating Reports
  11. Rules and Policies
  12. Reviewing and Customizing Ad Preferences
18. Influencer Marketing
  1. Introduction to Influencer Marketing
  2. What exactly is Influencer Marketing?
  3. What makes an Influencer?
  4. Who is an influencer?
  5. How to Measure Influence?
  6. How to find Influencers?
19. Drop-shipping
  1. In-Depth Understanding of Drop-shipping
  2. Profitable Drop-shipping Store
  3. How to integrate with Popular Stores?
  4. Understanding and Setting up Store
  5. Creating Landing Page
  6. Best Product Selection Masterclass
  7. Making Drop-shipping Stores a Money Machine
  8. Live Case Studies
20. E-Commerce Marketing
  1. Understanding the E-commerce Ecosystem
  2. Set goals for your E-commerce Business
  3. Creating E-Commerce Business Plan
  4. Website For E-commerce
  5. Attract new Customers to Online Store
  6. Intro Google Shopping Ads Campaign
  7. Creating Google Merchant Centre Account
  8. Adding Product To Google Merchant Account
  9. Creating Google Shopping Campaign
21. Freelancing Business
  1. Understanding Freelancing Business Module
  2. Setting Up a Freelancer Account
  3. Optimizing your Freelancing Profile
  4. How to Pick Projects?
  5. What is the best way to establish a bid on a project?
  6. What is the best way to communicate with a Client?
  7. Creating an impressive Business Profile
  8. Dealing with Clients
  9. Quotation Creation
  10. Creating Plans
22. WhatsApp Marketing
  1. Whatsapp Marketing Strategies
  2. Whatsapp Business Features
  3. Business Profile Setup
  4. Auto Replies
  5. How to Install Whatsapp Icon on WordPress Website?
  6. How to Setup One-Click Chat?
  7. How to Set Up an Initial Message?
  8. Whatsapp One-Click Testing on Site
23. Bulk SMS
  1. Why SMS Marketing is Effective?
  2. How Does SMS Marketing Work?
  3. Difference Promotional Campaigns or Transactional Messages?
  4. Who Can Benefit by Using SMS Marketing?
  5. Best Sites for Bulk SMS Marketing
  6. SMS Marketing Tool Setup
  7. How to Send Bulk SMS Using Tool?
  8. SMS Template and Report Analysis
  9. How to Purchase Credits?
24.Search Engine Optimization
  1. Keyword Research
  2. ON-Page
  3. OFF-Page
  4. Schema
  5. SEO Tools
  6. What Not To Do in SEO?
25. Google & Bing Algorithm
  1. Google Panda
  2. Google Penguin
  3. Google Humming Bird
  4. Mobilegeddon
  5. Google EMD
  6. PR
  7. Google Pigeon
  8. Google Rank Brain
  9. Google Possum
  10. Google Fred
26. Google Web Master
  1. Intro to Web Master
    Google & Bing
    Website Submission
  2. Code Implementation
  3. Code Verification
  4. Search Appearance
  5. Structure Data
  6. Search Data
  7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    Search Analytics
  8. Links To site
  9. Internal Links
  10. Manual Action
  11. International Targeting
  12. Mobile Usability
  13. Google Index
  14. Blocked Resource
  15. Remove URLs
  16. Site Map Submit
  17. Crawl
  18. Crawl Errors
  19. Fetch As Google
  20. Security Issue
27. Google Website Analytics
  1. Inclusive preparation of Google Adsense
  2. Custom channels
  3. Pay per click system (PPC)
  4. Tracking Profits Online
  5. Types of Ads- text, image, etc.
  6. Assessing the Ad’s performance
  7. Customizing the advertisements
  8. Effective Placement
  9. Allow or block unnecessary advertisements
  10. Creating reports
  11. Rules and policies
  12. Reviewing and customizing Ad’s preferences
28. E-mail Marketing
  1. Introduction to E-mail Marketing
  2. Importance of E-mail Marketing
  3. E-mail Marketing Strategy
  4. Creating a Subscriber List
  5. Integration of Forms in Site
  6. Import Subscribers in a List
  7. Creating an E-mail Campaign
  8. What is a Newsletter?
  9. Designing a Newsletter
  10. Reports
  11. Marketing Automation
29. Lead Generation
  1. Lead Generation for Business
  2. Importance of Lead Generation
  3. Understanding Landing Page URL
  4. Difference between Landing Page & Website
  5. A/B Testing
  6. Lead Generation through Facebook
  7. Lead Generation through Google Adword
  8. Lead Generation through bulk mails
  9. Lead Generation through SMS
30. Search Engine Marketing
  1. Understanding Google Ads
  2. Account Creation
  3. Billing Methods
  4. Understanding – PPC, CPM , CPA, CPL and more
  5. Targeting & Placement, Time Schedule,
  6. Automation & AB Testing
31. Video Optimization
  1. Why Video Marketing?
  2. Setting a Video Campaign
  3. The Objective of Video Marketing
  4. Instream Ads
  5. Discovery Ads
  6. YouTube Targeting Options
  7. Bidding Types
  8. Type of YouTube Ads
  9. Creating a YouTube Ad
  10. Remarketing Lists on YouTube
  11. Reporting and Analysis
32. Online Display Ads
  1. What are Display Ads? 
  2. Objectives of Display Campaign
  3. Bidding Strategies
  4. Budget Settings
  5. Audience Targeting Methods
  6. Demographic Targeting
  7. Content-based Targeting
  8. Automated Targeting
  9. Types of Ad Formats
  10. Creating Custom Ads
  11. Conversion Tracking
  12. Creating a Gmail Ads Campaign
33. Mobile Marketing
  1. Why Mobile Marketing?
  2. Types of Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  3. Creating Universal App Campaign
  4. Bidding Strategies
  5. Location and Budget Settings
  6. Ad Formats
  7. Conversion Tracking
  8. Reports
34. Local SEO
  1. What is Local SEO?
  2. Importance of Local SEO
  3. Submission to Google My Business
  4. Completing the Profile
  5. Local SEO Ranking Signals
  6. Local SEO Negative Signals
  7. Citations and Local
  8. Submissions
  9. Certification
35. Youtube Marketing
  1. Introduction to YouTube
  2. Creating YouTube Channel
  3. Creating annotations
  4. Creating Cards
  5. Navigation Increase Views
  6. Video Optimisation
  7. Brand Account
  8. YouTube Monetisation
  9. YouTube Ads
  10. YouTube Certification
  11. Video Production
36. Sales Funnel
Learn how to make sales that convert, and how to 10X your sales with a sales funnel in no time.
37. Personal Branding
This course will guide you through the process of determining the best method for you to build your own branding, from determining your personality to writing your own mission statement and developing your brand.
38. Digital Marketing Funnel
Learn about the five unique segments of the funnel: awareness, interest, desire, action and loyalty. Explore touchpoints and discover how to create campaigns
39. Quora Marketing
  • Introduction To Quora
  • Quora Account Setup
  • Quora for Marketing
  • Lead Generation using Quora
  • Ranking the Content
40. Online Brand Management
  1. What is ORM
  2. Importance of ORM
  3. How to build online reputation?
  4. Importance of ORM in SEO
  5. Importance of ORM in SMO
  6. Review monitor sites & blogs
  7. Tools for ORM

40+ Tools To Learn

google ads
google adsens
faceboom ads
mail chimp
google adsens

16 Global Certifications

Google Ads

Google Analytics




Our Students Placed At


12 Years Working As Digital Marketer 

6 E-Commerce Website Owner 

89 Blogs & 9 Review Websites

Worked For Intel India & Wipro 

Trained 4256 Business Owners and Students 

Visiting Faculty At IIM Bangalore

Marketing Consultant For 7 Startups

Our Students Speak

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do the Digital Marketing Course?
Working Professional

It adds value to your resume if you are working, having job experience, digital marketing, and advertising will aid you to get a high pay scale. With the job panorama shifting dynamically, established layoffs, and a shortage of jobs, it has become necessary for working gurus to upskill or cross-skill, or possibly discover a one-of-a-kind profession altogether. Working specialists who want to pass further up on the success ladder ought to know what’s trending in their industry and for that digital marketing, guides are perfect for them. This is a quick perception of how these courses can help working professionals.

House Wives 

Learning Digital advertising for housewives can be triumphant on their technological and creative strengths. Through Digital Marketing housewives can discover through publications, at conferences and seminars, or on a one-to-one monitoring basis, ladies are empowering their talents via the digital industry. Social Media, which is another digital development, has influenced and accelerated the practice of digital advertising over the previous few years. This can help in harnessing the strength of Social Selling. Digital advertising is the meeting point of creativity, technical ability, commercial enterprise nous, and strategic potential offer boundless scope for expert success. In a current Digital Skills Gap report, it is highlighted that Women are 11% extra digitally proficient than men.

Students & Job Seekers 

It offers large opportunities for college students without even stopping their studies. You can write a blog, can begin a YouTube Channel, and can achieve google certification via acting assessments. Digital advertising is a perfect probability for college students to work from home and earn a decent income part-time. Digital marketing is one of the trending professions and the nature of work is also dynamic. If you are a scholar searching to earn extra income to aid your studies, digital advertising can do it for you. You can analyze several abilities and easily earn enough to cowl your lessons and different expenses. There is no infrastructure required. All you need is a laptop and a net connection.

Can I pay fees in instalments?

Yes obviously, we have installment facilities, so our students can pay fees in 2 or 3 installments at your convenience.

Do we have the opportunity to work on existing projects?

The entire digital marketing course at Edupract is built on real-time implementation, from accessing the server Cpanel to installing WordPress, to website creation, campaign management, and real-time data analysis. Edupract gives each student the opportunity to develop a live Google Adwords campaign. Students create social media campaigns in the classroom. Google Search Console and Google Analytics data are available to all of our digital marketing students on a real-time basis. Paid content production platforms and paid SEO tools are available to our digital marketing students.

Do you provide live project to work on?

Yes definitely, we provide live projects, daily assignments through which you will get to learn and implement practically along with your course.

What abilities must I have in order to master Digital Marketing and excel as a Digital Marketer?

You should enjoy marketing and be familiar with terminology like “brand,” “client retention and behavior,” “analysis,” “sales cycle,” and “return on investment,” among others. To get the most out of this digital marketing course, you should have an excellent command of the English language, a desire to keep up with current trends, and the ability to learn quickly.

What abilities must I have in order to master Digital Marketing and excel as a Digital Marketer?

You should enjoy marketing and be familiar with terminology like “brand,” “client retention and behavior,” “analysis,” “sales cycle,” and “return on investment,” among others. To get the most out of this digital marketing course, you should have an excellent command of the English language, a desire to keep up with current trends, and the ability to learn quickly.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?
The job of a digital marketing executive is to investigate the company’s online marketing strategy. They create and implement marketing initiatives, as well as manage and update the company’s website. The following are the functions and responsibilities of a digital marketing executive:

  • Create and manage online marketing initiatives.
  • In charge of the organization’s website
  • Optimize content for the website as well as social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.
  • Track website traffic and deliver internal reports on a regular basis.
  • Fix any mistakes in online content, and schedule webinars and webcasts.
  • Attend events such as product launches and networking activities.
  • Identify new digital marketing trends to keep the company ahead of the curve.
  • Work on improving the search engine optimization of the website’s pages.


Best Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik

1)   Since 2015, EDUPRACT has been offering the most comprehensive and in-depth Digital Marketing Course in Nashik for just Rs 20,000 (GST included). When you compare the syllabus of other Digital Marketing Courses, you will realize that the prices are around Rs 28,000+ and that you will study less with lower exposure and no real time experience. All of our students have access to live tools and platforms since we believe that studying with practical knowledge and implementation is the key to success. Our students also conduct Google paid ads, Facebook & Instagram paid campaigns, and they get to learn on actual Google analytics, real AdWords data, Webmaster tools, and Google & Bing data, allowing them to gain in-depth expertise while learning on real data and gaining a wider exposure.

2) Our students, above all, study marketing fundamentals, which are the foundation of digital marketing. They learn concepts like sales, advertising, product understanding, customer journey monitoring, and consumer behavior that no other Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik has included in their Digital Marketing Course in Nashik.

3) It’s shocking that Digital Marketing instructors at other Digital Marketing Institutes in Nashik have only one or two years of overall Digital Marketing experience, or, even worse, they’re students from the same academy who have no market experience of teaching students after completing the same academy’s course. Many Digital Marketing Training institutes in Nashik have trainers who have not worked on profit and loss business modules. EDUPRACT exclusively hires teachers who have worked in marketing, sales, and have implemented in loss and profit business at a manager or higher level. We are the only Institute whose Chief Mentor educates students to have a complete understanding of marketing, and his unrivaled experience is used to benefit our students by allowing them to learn from his experience.

4) EDUPRACT is known for providing practical education, we make it feasible for each student in the Digital Marketing batch to learn and build real-time live campaigns on Google AdWords. We allow entrepreneurs and business owners to develop a live campaign for their company. All of EDUPRACT’s sponsored advertisements are created by students, and the money for the ads is provided by EDUPRACT. We work to instill confidence in pupils so that they can create live commercials and websites. In addition, we will supply a free name and server for the creation of a website. We assign homework and teach through case studies.

5) EDUPRACT is the only institute in Nashik where students build and manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads in a live classroom setting. Because of the uniqueness of the course, our students and prior students have rated us as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik.

6) EDUPRACT focuses on helping and being the backbone of our student’s careers. Our trainers provide real-time support for any challenges that our students may have, as well as ongoing support during and after the course.

7) We have not increased the number of modules by dividing the number of Topics into modules like Ex FACEBOOK Mastery, Display Ads by Google, Search Ads by Google, Facebook pages groups & tool groups for creating Facebook pages in the real world Ads are the topics of the Social Media Marketing, by doing this Digital Marketing Institutes in Nashik try to show that they are teaching more number of modules but in reality the topics are divided and shown as separate modules.

8) Our students are our most valuable and crucial asset at EDUPRACT. We are always focused on assisting our students at all times, thus we live by the motto “Lifetime Student”. A past EDUPRACT student who has completed the course within the last three months or a year can come and revise and update with the latest knowledge of Digital Marketing course in Nashik with no fees at any EDUPRACT centre with prior information to the Institute.

9) EDUPRACT has an award-winning Learning Management System through which students have access to study material in the form of video content and written content that can be accessed via the internet and devices such as mobile apps and websites. We are the only Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik that provides students with up-to-date content.

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